Saturday, January 26, 2013

Instagram Update.

I know I have been so bad about blogging and journaling lately. I feel like I have had so much going on that it has totally gotten put on the back burner. I know I need to be better. I want to be better. So at least I am still taking pictures with my phone. I know when my kids are older that's all they will really care about anyways right? The pictures. Anyway so here is what we have been up to.

Freezing cold weather and lots of snow. We have taken the boys sledding a couple times. Once being pulled behind the truck in the cul de sac and once for real. They loved both times. Also trying to find lots of stuff to do inside because it has be SO COLD. We played memory today. I love any time that we spend doing something as a family that gets the boys away from the tv or computer. It's hard when they are stuck inside all day.

We are in the process of tearing down Kai's old nursery. I loved that room so much. I still have no idea what I am going to do with it yet. I just haven't found anything that I love as far as bedding goes to get me started so I am still just looking. But at this rate, this little girl probably won't have a completed nursery. Man I feel REALLY unprepared for this baby. Although the girls in my ward put together a shower for just the sisters in the ward that I know and I got some cute stuff from all of them so that helped. :)

The boys love to wrestle and rough house. It usually leads to someone getting hurt. Boston ended up with a serious black eye this week courtesy of Tayden's head....and then a bloody nose...also courtesy of Tayden's head. The nights always end with the boys piled onto Jared's back to get upstairs to bed. They love it.

We potty trained Kai this week. I told Jared I didn't have it in me to start him, and so he started him on Monday while I was sleeping. I woke up to Kai peeing like a champ in the toilet. It was such a relief to have Jared do that for me. Kai has done really well all week. He has had maybe one accident a day the last 4 days and it is pee. He hasn't had any poop accidents although they have been in, we almost don't get him to the toilet in time. But he is telling us whenever he needs to go. The only annoying thing is that he tells us like ten times in the span of an hour that he needs to go and maybe only one of those times he actually goes. So there are a lot of "false alarm" trips to the bathroom. Gets a little annoying...and I made the mistake of taking him to Carls Jr on Friday and basically spent the entire hour and a half (I am not exaggerating at all) going to and from the bathroom like EVERY FIVE MINUTES. It may have been more often than that I kid you not. I was sweating and so frustrated by the time I finally pulled the plug and we went home. I kept thinking he would just go to the bathroom and we would be able to stay and play and I could visit with the other moms but it didn't happen. I won't make that mistake again. Over all I think we are in the home stretch. He is getting better.

I am getting bigger by the second. I feel like my belly is strangely high and protrudes straight out. It looks abnormal to me. Hahah. I am so tired and I have been sick all week. I must have a sinus infection or something, but it is making sleeping almost impossible. I am coughing. I can't breath and so I am breathing through my mouth and my throat hurts. I just feel tanked. I am ready to be done with work, and I am ready to be done being pregnant. I think that's about how it goes around this point in every pregnancy. Six more weeks...but hopefully less. I know my doctor will induce me a week early so technically I can say five more weeks right?!

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