Saturday, February 09, 2013

Just Some Thoughts.

I need to be better about journaling even when I don't have pictures to go with it. So here are a few things I need to write down.

We are still working on potty training Kai. He is doing really well with peeing. He basically hasn't had an accident since the first week. The problem is pooping. It's like he's scared to go on the toilet or something. He will come and tell me like 20 times that he needs to poop, but the second I get him on the toilet he fights it and won't go. So eventually he ends up going part way in his pants cause the urge is just too strong and we can't get him to the toilet fast enough. It's frustrating. I am glad that he's not just going and deliberately pooping his pants, but I wish he would go like I don't know the first 20 times we put him on the toilet. :) We are working on it.

The other day I took Kai and Tayden to go pick Boston up from school. The school is really close. It's walking distance and if there wasn't a slight curve in the road you could see it from our house. So I didn't buckle the boys into their seats when we loaded up to go get him. Boston got in the car in the front seat and Kai was sitting there as well. I thought Kai was sitting closest to me, and I don't usually worry too much about the doors because they automatically lock in my car when it's in drive.... but I was actually in Jared's truck. When I went to flip around from being parked at the curb it was like a mother's worst nightmare unfolding before me. The passenger side door swung open with Kai hanging from the door handle. Boston screamed, and I slammed on my brakes. I almost forgot to put the car in park as I tried to get out of the car and around to the other side. Luckily I wasn't going fast at all, and Kai actually held onto the door until I stopped and then he dropped. There we were just blocking the whole street with the truck sideways in the road. Thank heavens he wasn't hurt, but it freaked the crap out of all of us. I won't be letting them just ride along out of their seats anymore that's for sure. Mother of the year award goes to....Haha.

About a week later I had to go run some errands later in the afternoon and I left the two boys plus Travis and Septembers kids (we watch them on thursdays) at home with Jared. Well, between a frantic potty training Kai, and all the extra kids, Jared lost track of the time and forgot to go pick up Boston at school. Next thing he knew Boston was at the front door literally in tears. We had forgotten him. Poor boy. He knew that he was really close to home and had walked before with us, but we have never let him walk home by himself. He said that he waited and waited, and then some older kids from his school asked him if he wanted to use their cell phone to call home, but he couldn't remember our number. So then he decided he would just walk home. The boys walked with him. I don't know why he didn't go back to the school office because that is what he has done previously when we were late to get him. Luckily, we live close enough to the school that it is ok for him to walk. It just isn't something we have let him do yet. I felt so bad though. The funny thing is now he keeps asking if he can walk home from school. Jared and I have talked about if we want to let him eventually start walking, but part of me is still reluctant. I think I would feel better if he had a friend with him. Or maybe I am being silly. The school is REALLY close. I know all the people that live around us and I know this is a good neighborhood. And it's a busy area at those times of day with lots of kids going to and from school so I am sure it would be ok.... but I don't know. Part of me just kept thinking about how things could have gone horribly wrong with that situation the other day.

Yesterday Jared and I went to the temple. We have been praying specifically about a few things concerning our family and our current situation. One thing that has been weighing heavily on our minds is Jared's time in the military and the fact that his unit is being deployed in August. With that approaching so quickly we knew he either had to get out completely (without the retirement benefits after already committing 11 years) or try and switch to another unit.  We just aren't willing to go through another deployment. During our session not only did I feel at peace about the military stuff and Jared's work, but I felt like I received some personal inspiration concerning some things that I wasn't even thinking about going into it. I was really touched by the spirit. We left the temple feeling like the lord would really help to direct us in what we were praying about and help us to receive some answers we have been searching for.

Today Jared got up and went to guard for the weekend. I got a call mid way into the day and it was Jared. He told me that when he got there this morning, he was informed that he was being transferred immediately to a new medivac unit that is non deployable which would mean we will no longer have to worry about him being deployed. I don't know what else this means for his time and future in the military, but I do know that we don't have to worry about him leaving. We both felt like this was an answer to our prayers. Pretty amazing.

That's all for will be here in 4 weeks at the latest. :)


Tiffany Fackrell said...

That's a pretty amazing miracle, yay for no more deployments!

Peggy Dee said...

That is such good news about Jared! So good of you guys to rely on the Spirit. So happy for you. Can't wait for Little Miss Frogley! Best of luck!!