Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Update.

I went to the doctor on friday for my 36 week check up. I was actually closer to 37 weeks (I was 36 and 5) at this appointment. The doctor checked me for the first time and said I was about a 2 and 70 percent effaced. She said the baby's head is nice and low. I like hearing that I am progressing, but I don't want to get my hopes up. I swear I progressed like this with Tayden and I still was induced like the day before his due date. I am really uncomfortable right now and pretty much not sleeping at all. It makes it really difficult with my work schedule to have so much trouble sleeping. I am ready for this baby to come...but I still could easily have three weeks. I am trying to be patient.

Tayden is loving puzzles these days. He told me he is really good at puzzles and making his bed haha. Love that boy. 
 Oh Kai. This boy is so so funny. He is getting better and better about going potty. I think we are almost there.
 This was one day he was fighting going poop so he sat on the couch till he fell asleep cause he didn't was the urge to go to hit him. Hahaha he never holds still long enough to fall asleep.

 All the girl clothes I get to sort. It's so fun. I still don't have anything ready in her that aspect I feel really unprepared.
 Me at 36 and a half weeks. I feel like I am getting HUGE. Everything is uncomfortable and I hate wearing normal clothes. I just want to live in sweats haha.
 I had preschool this week. Man I was exhausted, but I am glad it was my last week since I will be having the baby soon. We had a valentine's party.
 We were able to enjoy some awesome sunshine this week. It was so nice. Here the boys were giving me crazy faces...I didn't even tell them to.

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