Wednesday, March 06, 2013

It's That Time.

Well, I am three days out from being induced and I am sick as a dog. It started with Kai and Boston getting sick last week, and Kai never really got better. His fever kept coming and going and he wouldn't really eat. He was coughing pretty bad and had a ton of congestion. I finally woke up Sunday and realized that he was bad enough that I probably needed to take him right then....before this baby comes. So I took him to the primary health and sure enough he had a fever of 102, an ear infection, and strep throat! Yikes. That day I also woke up feeling pretty sick. I was starting to cough deep in my chest and my throat was really bothering me. By that night (last night) at work I was miserable. My chest hurts so bad when I cough, and my throat is killing me. I'm just trying to get through tonight and then I will probably end up calling in sick or working half my shift tomorrow so that I can try and get some rest before Thursday. I definitely don't want to feel like this when I deliver. Other than that we have been working away on the little miss's room, and trying to spend lots of fun quality time with the boys. Here's some pictures from my phone of the last couple weeks.

*update: I wrote that Monday night at work and came home to a very sick Tayden on Tuesday morning. He had a really high fever and was crying that his face and throat hurt. So I took him to the dr to get him checked out. That day I began to feel progressively worse and Becky kept telling me to call me dr as well. So I did. She called in a prescription for me and kinda made it sound like she didn't want to do the induction till I was feeling better. Last night I called into work so that I could actually stay home and get some sleep. I  was hopeful that because I had started the antibiotic that I would get some good rest and wake up feeling better today, but last night was probably the worse so far. I was up ALL night. I couldn't breath and was coughing SO hard. I finally had to try sitting up to sleep. It was impossible. So at this point I don't know what the plan is. I don't know if my dr is going to call me to check up on me or if I should just show up tomorrow for my induction still. I am hoping that tonight will be better and if it is then I just want to go through with the plan to be induced. We will see.
I never posted the other picture of Boston's eye after a few days. Poor kid. I swear it still doesn't look totally  normal. 

 Kai battling the sickness. He has never napped as much as he has in the last two weeks being sick.
 My sweet hubby painting my toes. Busted out the headlamp and everything. He's the best.

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