Friday, May 31, 2013

Month of May.

 Wow I can't believe how fast this month has just flown by. I am going to do my best to give an update of everything we have going on. I hope all this pictures print out in my blog book ok because they are all coming from my phone. Whoops.
Demry is growing like a week and is just the sweetest thing ever. She is doing really well with me going back to work and we have gotten a really good routine down. So as much as I hate to leave her at night I feel blessed that Jared is SO good with her and I know she's in good hands. I am still nursing her, but I have had to supplement just a little. It seems like she is not getting quite as much as she needs so at the times where I have fed her three or four times back to back and she is still hungry then I have been offering her a bottle. She always takes it. hahaha :)
Jared and I have been working out and really trying to eat better. It's amazing how good I feel when I am drinking lots of water and eating so healthy. Don't get me wrong has been really hard. Especially with all the birthdays and fun stuff going on.
Kai had a birthday this week. He turned three and I plan on taking some pictures of him and doing a post just for him.
Jared surprised me for my birthday early and decided to take me and the kids to Mccall for the day since he has guard on my real birthday. We got up early and went and got chocolate milk and donuts. The kids were so excited. About half way there Kai got car sick and started barfing every where. I don't know how we forget this every time, but it's official. KAI GETS CAR SICK. No matter what. So we stripped him down, did our best to clean up his seat, gave him some motion sickness meds, and then stuck him in Tayden's hoodie for the rest of the drive. I decided as long as we were stopped that I should feed the baby. She had a total blow out when I pulled her out of her seat and I had no extra clothes for her. Suddenly this trip was turning into one of THOSE trips. hahaha. BUT we got back on the road and made it to Mccall. I found some clothes at a random Ridleys grocery store and went out to the car to get Kai dressed. Jared accidentally dropped Tayden's hoodie in a huge mud puddle during the exchange and so we then we had two kids with no hoodies and it was pretty cold. Tayden was walking with one of Demry's blankets wrapped around his shoulders and Jared was carrying Kai in his coat with him. Luckily we found a thrift store and bought them each a hoodie for 1.50. Score. The rest of the day was great. We had some pizza and found a yummy candy/icecream place and then let the boys play by the water for as long as they could handle the cold. Then we made our way back home. It was a wonderful day.
Today was Boston's last day of school. I am so proud of how he did. His grades were awesome and he had improved since his last report card. I am excited to have the kids home and not have to worry about schedules. I love the summer.

Kai working out with us haha. His face cracks me up.

Clean eating. :)

Oh the birthday boy. He is so funny.

I swear Demry looks exactly like Boston did at this age. Look at the comparison!
                                   Here's our pictures from our trip to Mccall.

Boston on his last day of school!

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