Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Kaias Is Three!

Oh this boy. Here's a few things about our Kai guy.
-His eyes are a crazy hazel color mixed with shades of blue, gray, green, and brown. And they are constantly changing. 
-He is a potty trained champ and as of this week he is trained through the night
-He is FINALLY sleeping in to a normal time in the morning as well. I think the later nights and extra play time outside has finally worn him down a little so he stays in bed and actually sleeps
-He's not a breakfast person. If I am lucky I can get him to eat some yogurt or maybe toast, but most of the time he asks for a bar. He would eat granola bars ALL DAY if I let him.
-He is not scared of anything. He will jump off of anything, challenge anyone to fight...the kid is as rough as they come. If you are sitting on the ground watch out you might get pummeled by Kai.
-He has a lovey "soft side" but even when he is trying to be affectionate he is still rough. He usually ends up poking you in the eye or pulling your hair or something when trying to give you a hug or a kiss. And when he does that he always says, "oh sorry mommy," really fast.
-He walks around all day speaking in what I can only describe as an attempt at an english accent. So all day long I hear things like, "mummy, can you get me some water..." (say that with an english accent in your head and picture it coming out of a three year's funny). I think that started as an attempt to sound like King Julian from Madagascar. Hahaha it makes me laugh every time.
-He is speaking a ton. He actually never stops talking. Some of the things he says shocks he is way too young to know those words. Oh and he speaks a lot of Spanglish.
-He loves to dress up as super heros and he walks around saying things like " Ima super hero, my dad's a coo guy, and my mom's a pincess..."
We love this boys to pieces. It's amazing how much spice and personality he has. He is definitely the child that keeps me on my toes.
He went and picked this flower for me while we were taking pictures and told me he wanted to hold it for the picture.

And then he proceeded to give me all sorts of crazy faces. He is so animated it kills me.

Him giving me a nice wink. I totally didn't coach him on any of's just what he did when I told him I was going to take some pictures of him. Haha

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