Sunday, June 23, 2013

Insert Title Here. :)

My posts are becoming more and more random....or more of just an update so I never really know what to give them as a title...besides "update." I'm super lame.
So the last couple weeks have been busy busy...noticing a theme here? Hahaha...I guess that's what life is when you are a fulltime working mother of four. So here's my little update.
Boston is growing up right before my eyes. He is SO helpful with his siblings. He is becoming so independent and can really take care of himself and any of the other kids if I need him too. I find him doing things like making himself lunch, taking Kai pee or helping him get dressed, and soothing Demry often. He is such a good big brother.
Not much is new with Tayden these days. He is a funny boy and loves to play with Boston or Kai....It doesn't really matter as long as he's entertained.
Kai is crazy as always. He has been waking up often in the middle of the night to pee. He screams from upstairs by the balcony instead of coming down and getting us. He has peed his pants or wet the bed a few times. I am assuming it's because we don't wake up to his screaming until it's too late. But at least he's getting up and recognizing that he needs to pee. He says the funniest things. The other day he had a play sword and he walked up to me straight faced and pointed the sword at me and said, "I'll have your head..." it was so funny.
Demry was doing really good up until recently. I am afraid I have reached that point where I am just not producing enough for her. We have been supplementing every night before she goes to bed so that she will sleep through the night. She started waking up again randomly and I couldn't satisfy her enough to get her back to sleep. It was that bad. So after I nurse her back to back a couple times in the evening we offer her some formula. She ALWAYS takes it. I have also had to start supplementing during the day. She will nurse, but as soon as she finishes on the second side she is crying and ticked. She won't even wait long enough for me to try and nurse her again (I have to wait a little before my milk will let down) and if I try to do that she usually latches on and then pulls off and cries over and over again. So I have been giving her formula after she nurses when she seems really unsatisfied, and again she always takes it. It makes me sad because I know that just means soon she won't want to nurse at all. I hate that. But there is nothing I can really do. The other frustrating part about it is that I never really know if she's going to be satisfied by just nursing, or if she will need more and how long she will last. So if I am trying to leave or get stuff done it's really hard to know if I can feed her and go or if she's going to freak out 20 minutes after I leave the house or what. I have no idea how often she'll want to eat and really how much to give her when I supplement her. It stresses me out.
Jared had a birthday. He turned 34. I think it's crazy...hahaha. I took him shooting for his birthday and we went out to a really good sandwich place called Two Fat Guys Deli. I think it's our new favorite. It was so good.
 Ok here are my random pictures from my phone.

My husband is a total romantic. He sent me this text one night when I was really busy at work.

This is how you finish a work out with a really hungry baby.

This outfit is too hilarious not to take a picture of it.

Boston reading some stories to his sister. I am in love.
 The birthday boy with his favorite treats and all of his guns when I took him shooting. Just look at that smile. :)

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