Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm On A Role.

I trying to keep on top of my posts so I don't feel overwhelmed trying to play catch up all the time. Mandi and her girls roadtripped up this week to spend some time with the family. I love when Mandi comes. Our kids play awesome and I could sit with her and literally do nothing and it's fun. She came up for the week right after I got off work. The kids stayed up late everynight and totally wore themselves out. We also got to spend some time with Nicole and her kids. We were supposed to go camping but that didn't work out so Saturday we made a day trip up to Banks and played by the river. It was so much fun. Sunday we all woke up to sick and puking kids...who knows what they got, but hopefully everyone is on the mend. Demry was the last to get it tonight and she actually had a fever and you could tell she was just so uncomfortable. I hope it passes quickly. Mandi made her way up to visit one of her friends and we will all be meeting in Moses Lake later this week to stay at grandma's house. I am so excited.
On a random sidenote...Demry usually ends up in bed with me if she wakes up really early (like 5:00). I usually nurse her and it's rare that she will go back into her bed. I think it's usually because she's not totally satisfied. So I snuggle her tight and force her back to sleep haha. This is what she usually looks like when she wakes up for the morning...all smiles. I love that little face.
 Here's the pictures from our day trip. I need to be better about taking more pictures so I am planning on taking my real camera to Moses Lake this week.

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