Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Kaias Is FIVE!!

What can I say about this boy? Kai is my little replica of Jared. He is so similar to Jared in looks (minus the coloring) and personality or should I say especially personality. He has so many sides to him. He can be so tough and rough. He is not afraid of anyone or anything. Seriously, the kid would fight anyone...even an adult haha. He is SUPER funny. He has some of the best one liners I have ever heard in my life. I think it's good that he's funny because sometimes he is so rotten and stubborn that his humor has saved his life more than once. BUT he also has this really sweet, soft, caring side to him. He is my only child that will snuggle me and cuddle. He also says  things like, "mom, I just want you to be super happy." all the time. He really is thoughtful when he wants to be haha.
He is pretty much the pickiest eater on the face of the planet. I don't know where we went wrong, but dinner time is a fight pretty much every night. Even with food he likes now. He pretty much only wants to eat toast, granola bars, gogurts, and peanut butter and honey sandwiches. For his birthday I told him he could eat anything or anywhere and he honestly couldn't come up with anything because he doesn't like anything! He said he wanted sandwiches. Seriously? I finally convinced him that it would be fun to go out somewhere and he decided on Carl's jr. so they could play too. Funny boy. For his birthday we went and spend the day at Eagle island swimming with cousins. One of his very favorite things to do.
I seriously love this boy so much. He keeps me on my toes and everyday does something that just makes me laugh. I can't imagine our home without him.

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