Sunday, April 10, 2016

Feels like Summer

The last week and a half we have had some amazing weather. It's been in the 70's and 80's. This was the first week that I finally attempted to take the twins out (other than that whole dinner fiasco). It's nice because I felt like I could finally take the twins to the park during the kids practices or to the kids games and if they got fussy I didn't have to worry about it being to cold to take them out of their seats. What it has also made me realize is that trying to take them any where by myself is really hard. Inevitably, one of them ends up crying and fussing so I take her out of the stroller to calm her down and then the other one starts. So I am left with a baby crying in my arms, one in the stroller crying, and the (huge) stroller still to push and maneuver. Oh and usually a toddler (or more kids) running around some where too. So I have come to terms that if I have to go anywhere without another adult that can actually help me then I just can't do it. It is too hard. And that kinda sucks. I feel really stuck in my own home and I feel really bad for Demry. I will say though that Boston being in football on Friday nights has been the perfect opportunity to get out as a family and enjoy the weather and it doesn't feel stressful to me. The games are short. I have Jared there to help me (and usually his parents) and so we can sit and enjoy the game. It has been nice to feel somewhat normal in that aspect. Oh and we finally got a vehicle that can fit us all. Hallelujah. haha.
I guess most the pictures are self explanatory. The twins are really fussy at night and both want to be held a lot and held to go to sleep. I don't know what to do about it so I end up holding them both at the same time a lot. I think I need to start letting them cry it out a bit. Also, We are still very sleep deprived. I found detangler that I put in the fridge the other day and egg whites in the cupboard. haha. I just have to remind myself that this difficult stage is just a phase or moment in time. I really am trying not to wish this time away. But I also really want to sleep again.


Kyle said...

Oh Myca that is exactly how I used to feel. Minus the other FOUR children. But I always joke that the twins clipped my wings really early on- and this is exactly it. It was just impossible to go anywhere. And rarely worth it. This get way easier just even as they can learn to stand on their own. You are doing it. This is the hardest part.

Kyle said...

Also- this is definitely Sam and not Kyle. haha