Saturday, April 23, 2016

More April.

Demry took a header into the bar on the edge of the trampoline and has a serious shiner. The twins have been so so hard. Not only do they not sleep great at night (so I am running on little sleep) but they won't sleep longer than like 20 minutes at a time. And then they are just crabby and fussy. It makes it impossible to get anything done. I finally had toby check their ears just to be sure it wasn't an ear infection and they were clear. So I have started letting them cry some. I have seen some improvement, but man this is killing me. Boston has been amazing and so helpful. I don't even have to ask him and he will jump up and help me with the babies whenever he sees that I am having a hard time. I wish he was here all day and not in school haha. Jared is gone for the next week. I miss him already and feel sad and nervous for the week ahead of me. My ward is amazing though and my relief society president was really persistent about letting them help. She has twins (they are grown adults now) so I think she knows how hard it is. So they are bringing me meals this week and taking Demry in the mornings for play groups so I can at least get my work done and get through the day a little easier. I feel really grateful and humbled to have so much help...and like I don't really deserve it. But I also feel like I have never struggled so much to feel like I have a handle on my life I guess now is a good time to accept the service.  

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